An inventory showing the amount allowed to the widow of the late Josiah Boothby deceased, and the support for herself and four children viz, Elizabeth, Steward, Frances and Deliverance, minors, legitimate children - of the Sd Boothby and the property set apart for the sd purpose.

Property Value Property Value

we have decided that the widow aforesaid be entitled to ninety five dollars worth of property as herein after named
a lot of hay and oats 10 00
a lot of corn in the field 12 00
two skillets lid pot & oven 1 12 1/2
six framed chairs 2 25
warping apparatus 0 50
trendel bed and steaad 1 00
one sow and three shoats 3 00
two meat barrels 0 75
one table 0 37 1/2
one axe 1 00
a lot of ???? 6 00
two heifers 18 00
twenty barrels of salt 40 62 1/2
(signed) Benjamin Smith

John Booron

Joseph Ralstin

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