Boothby Family Genealogy


Boothby Coat of Arms from Debret's Peerage
The Boothbys arrived in Maine in 1720 according to popular sources. My bloodline left Maine in the early 1800's and went first to Ohio. They put some roots down there, as evidenced by the high number of Boothbys that still live there. They passed through Illinois at about the time of the Civil War, and then went on to Oregon, being among the original Settlers there.

Most American Boothbys stayed in Maine. The line that represents my family begins with Josiah, born in 1738, one of 6 brothers that were born in Scarborough, Maine.


Lest anyone think that I am responsible for amassing all this information about the Boothby family, let me tell you, it is not so! Richard Duran & Lorene Dodd have contributed an enormous amount of information towards this project, especially for Josiah Stewart and Josiah Thomas Boothby. There have been many others, like the librarian in the Idaho State Library in Boise, Idaho who got me started. whose names I can't remember, but without their help, I would have gotten frustrated and quit a long time ago. Thanks to all.