Federal Census, Soundex only, State of Ohio, 1910

all last names are Boothby unless otherwise specified. There may be transcription errors here, mine or those of the enumerators. There are also omissions, some are mine
name rel. age place of county town
Abbie Boothby h 59 Ohio Washington Marietta
Barbara d 37 Ohio    
Albert Boothby h 44 MI Cuyahoga  
Maud M w 43 NY    
Almira d 17 MI    
Ellen M d 3 OH    
Ara E AT? 26 OH Columbus Franklin
Barbara Boothby H 60 OH Washington Cty  
Jesse s 35 OH    
Jacob s 18 OH    
Cornelius L h 50 OH Montgomery Dayton
Amanda J w 61 OH    
Henry E. s 24 OH    
Collins Boothby h 71 OH Brown  
Luclia A. w 68 OH    
Edward D s 29 OH    
Nettie E Gresham d 33 OH    
John F Gresham s in l 35 OH    
Velma C Gresham gd 2 OH    
Edward R h 60 OH Hamilton Norwood
Laura w 55 OH    
Howard K s 18 OH    
Tillie Waite SI 68 OH    
Edward C. h 30 OH   Dayton
Bessie M w 19 OH    
Elizabeth h 55 OH Washington Marietta
Eusch Huggins f 84 OH    
Mary A Huggins m 78 OH    
Harry h 30 OH Washington Marietta
Etta w 29 OH    
Frances s 9 OH    
Eugene s 5 OH    
Carl s 3 OH    
Anne d 2 OH    
James h 37 OH Brown  
Mary w 31 OH    
Florence d 11 OH    
Lawrance s 9 OH    
Adaline d 7 OH    
Orva d 5 OH    
John h 36 OH ?  
Lola w 34 WV    
Garnet d 5 OH    
John h 39 OH Washington  
Rhoda w 32 OH    
Oscar s 13 OH    
Charles s 14 OH    
Cora d 10 OH    
O. K. s 7 WV    
Olive Jennet d 5 WV    
John D. h 66 OH   Cincinnati
Bridget w 55 Ireland    
William s 24 OH    
King h 30 OH Clermont  
Stella w 24 OH    
Helen d 6 OH    
Hazel d 3 NB    
Kermit s 2 OH    
Martha inma 86 WV Washington Marietta
Newton C h 30 OH Brown  
Ossie M w 27 OH    
Ralph C s 6 OH    
Inex F. d NR OH    
Pearl A h 36 OH Washington Marietta
Odella M w 35 OH    
Grace L d 12 OH    
Warren h 43 OH Brown cty Georgetown
Wilda w 35 OH    
Dave L s 16 OH    
Essie d 13 OH    
Bessie d 12 OH    
Pete s nr OH    
William h 40 OH Allen Cty  
Emma w 37 PA    
Chas s 18 OH    
Hazel d 17 OH    
Ilo d 16 OH    
Clair s 14 OH    
Robert s 9 OH    
Donald s 5 OH    
William p 38 OH Gallia  
(patient at Ohio Epileptic Hospital)          
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