Federal Census, Soundex only, State of Ohio, 1880

all last names are Boothby unless otherwise specified. There may be transcription errors here, mine or those of the enumerators. There are also omissions, some are mine
name race sex age occupation net worth place of place of place of
            birth father's birth mother's birth
Green Twp, Brown County, Ohio                
Rebecca J. Boothby w f 43 housekeeper   Ohio KY MD
John A. w m 18     Ohio Ohio Ohio
Mary F w f 15          
Cora E w f` 13          
M. Flora w f 11          
William J. D. w m 9          
James N w m 7          
Marrietta Twp, Brown County, Ohio                
Abbott Boothby w m 26 sawyer in Sawmill   Ohio Ohio Ohio
Libby w f 25          
Perly(?) D. w m 6          
Lucy D. w f 4          
Walter w m inf          
Village of Harman                
Robert Boothby w m 32 RR engineer   Ohio Ohio Ohio
Abbie w f 28          
Nancy w f 12          
Barbara w f 8          
Joseph Boothby w m 22 Blacksmith   Ohio Ohio Ohio
Margret w f 20     Ohio Va ?
Warren Twp, Washington Cty, Ohio                
David Boothby w m 32 Sawyer   Ohio Ohio Ohio
Barbara w f 31     Ohio    
Isabelle w f 12          
John U w m 10          
Jesse w m 6          
Alice H. w f 1          
Joseph Boothby h m 40     Ohio England Ireland
Margaret w f 36     Ohio PA PA
John s m 10     Ohio Ohio OH
William s m 7     Ohio    
Cornelius h m 24 sawmill worker   Oh Oh Oh
Amanda w   31          
Cornelius E. s   1          
Thomas h   25 Engineer   OH PA Unk
Lucy w   21     OH OH Oh
Nellie d   3     OH OH Oh
Watertown Twp, Washington Cty, Ohio 1880                
Martha Boothby h   50 housekeeping   OH OH OH
Henry   m 21 farm labor   OH OH OH
Ross   m 19 "        
George   m 17 "        
William   m 14 "        
Mary Boothby     14 Servant   OH OH OH
James Boothby h   73 Farmer   OH Maine Maine
Elizabeth w   70 housekeeping   MD MD MD
Edward s   31 Farmer   Oh Oh MD
Darcy E d l   25 housekeeping   OH Prussia Oh
James F. g s   2     OH OH Oh
Collins Boothby h   41 Farmer   OH OH MD
Lyda w   39     OH OH OH
James P. s   20          
Nancy E. d   18          
George s   16          
Lewis W. s   13          
Emma E. d   11          
Charles W. s   8          
Sarah E. d   6          
Mary N. d   4          
Newton C s   1          
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