Federal Census, State of Ohio, 1870

all last names are Boothby unless otherwise specified. There may be transcription errors here, mine or those of the enumerators. There are also omissions, some are mine
Marietta, Washington County            
name race sex age occupation net worth place of
William Boothby w m 45 Carpenter ^1500/500 OH
Martha w f 44     Va
Abbott   f 17 works in roll mill   OH
Thomas   m 14      
Cornelius   m 13      
Joseph   m 12      
Ross   m 9      
Henry   m 7      
George   m 4      
William   m 3      
Green twp, Brown County            
William J. D.Boothby   m 35 school teacher ^400/250 OH
Rebecca J   f 32      
Sarah E   f 10      
John A   m 8      
Mary F   f 6      
Cary Ellen   f 3      
Flora   f 1      
Scott twp, Brown Cty            
James Boothby   m 62 farmer   OH
Elizabeth   f 56     MD
Naman   m 23 laborer   OH
Alexander   m 18 laborer   OH
Collins   m 30 farmer ^1500/500 OH
Lydia   f 28      
Nancy   f 8      
Perry   m 6      
Warren   m 3      
Ermina   f 1      
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