Connections to the Great Italy-USA Immigration --- L'Avventura

Welcome to a personally constructed World Wide Web Site dedicated to exploring and commenting on The Great Italy-to-The-USA Immigration.

Topics on Italian-Americana

Links to outside Sites of Organizations that Attempt to Foster an Understanding
and an Appreciation of Italian-American Heritage and Culture.

Other Related Pages and Newsgroups A list of other sites which can be browsed to find more information on
Italian-American One Voice Coalition This site prompts viewers to take action on issues that are important to
American Italian Historical Association This site is maintained for the exchange of information on topics of interest to
     persons who study Italian-American life.
UNICO National This site is maintained by UNICO National, the largest Italian-American service organization
     in the United States.
Order Sons of Italy in America: National This site is maintained by the National Office of The Order Sons of Italy
     in America, Washington, D. C.
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF LITERATURE RELATED TO THE ITALY-TO-THE-USA AVVENTURA This list is an elaboration of the bibliography made by reproduced from Mangione, Jerre & Morreale, Ben, (1992), La Storia: Five Centuries of the Italian American Experience. Ben Morreale graciously gave permission to reproduce this bibliography so that it could be posted on the World Wide Web for scholarly uses.

National Italian American Foundation This site is maintained by the National Italian American Foundation, Washington,
     D. C.

Links to WWW Sites that Provide Information on Italy,
Italian Culture, History, etc.

A separate page of links to a variety of internet sites offering information about Italy
     This page has links to sites about Italy, Ialians, and Italians who have immigrated to other countries, as distinct from sites dealing with Italian-Americana.
Campionato Italiano di Calcio
Italian Newsgroup: soc.culture.italian (in Italian)
Italian literature in HTML
ItalianiNelMondo (Italians in the World)

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The author, James Mancuso died on June 10th, 2005. We maintain this site in memory of his work.

This site had been developed originally as a part of the effort of The Albany (NY) Area Lodge of The Sons of Italy to make available material that will develop an appreciation and understanding of The Italy-to-USA Avventura. The administrator of this site and the writers of other text found on this world wide web site claim sole responsibility for the content of their productions.  


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