Other Interesting Italian-American Links

This page provides links to other sites that feature topics and matter that would be of interest to Italian-Americans. In emphasizing Italian-American interests, we do not intend to ignore links to Italian sites. In keeping with the goals of this site, however, we do want to feature the Italian-American information sources.
One can find innumerable links to sites in Italy which offer a wealth of information on topics that those interested in Italian-American affairs would find valuable. Rather than offer another list of links to such sites, the user is referred to the first URL address in the following list. The managers of that site offer an EXTREMELY comprehensive catalogue of connections to all kinds of sites which cover Italian affairs and culture. Sorry that we can't put it in as a link, you need to type in the address.

The artistry of Leonard Tantillo:  Become acquainted with an Italian-American painter who has made a significant impression on the art world of Upstate New York.

A zesty sampling of information about history and culture of Italy as connected to the avventura: A site crammed with information on the history of Sicily and Italy, connected to the history of the families of the site managers.

Link to a Site that Chronicles the Adventures of a family from The USA living in a small town near Milan.

Link to the Italian-Ameriican Studies Department at Stony Brook University -- SUNY Site

Link to Stony Brook University Italian-American Student Circle Site

Italian Sinfonia SiteLink:   This attractive site offers all kinds of informtion about Italian music events in The USA and in Italy.

Link to Nani's Restaurant (Jackson, WY) Site. :  The proprietor/operator -- Melissa Phillips -- informs us of her Italian-American restaurant and family.

Link to The Campanian Society Site

This list was developed as a part of the effort of The Albany (NY) Area Lodge of The Sons of Italy to make available material that will develop an appreciation and understanding of The Italy-to-USA Avventura. Nevertheless, the compilers of this list and other text found on this world wide web site claim sole responsibility for the content of their productions.


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We would appreciate hearing your reaction to our efforts. The author, Jim Mancuso died on June 10th, 2005. We maintain this site in memory of all the things that he did for us.

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