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Vincenzo Fressola and Lucia Melino, my grandparents

photo below was taken January 20, 1929
in the backyard of Louis Mango and
Mary Fressola Mango. The address was
261 South 8th Street, Newark, NJ. The dress was a dark blue.

click here to see a larger copy of this, my own christening party. I'm not in it! from the bottom right is my grandfather, Jim (Vincenzo) Fressola, my Aunt Theresa (Tess) my father and mother (Fred Torchia and Carmen Fressola) right in front of my father is my grandmother, Lucy Melino Fressola. The bashful boy to her left is my brother, Tom Torchia. Next to Tom is Lena, wife of my Uncle Frank. Behind Lena is my cousin RosaLee Malle and our favorite Grandpa, Tom. In front of Tom is Maddalena, his wife, my grand mother.

this is a photo of my great grandfather, Antonio Melino.

this is a photo of his wife, Antonia Cavaliere

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