Atena Lucana, Ancestral home of the Fressola Family

All color photos on this page courtesy of Giulio Salemme, one of the finest genealogists in the world

The building below is called Casa Fressola
Another view of Casa Fressola
This building is called Vico San Nicola

This is the Porta D'aquila, one time home of Damiano Curto in the 1800's

Giulio Salemme
After over 30 years of trying to get some information about my grandfather Vincenzo Fressola's family in Atena Lucana, I came upon Giulio Salemme via the internet. He went to Atena Lucana and traced our family back to the 1700's. He copied more documents in that one visit than I have gotten for all 4 of my italian families with dozens of letters over all these years.

Here is the Fressola Family:
back row: (from left to right), Ciro Fressola, Louis Mango, John Spina, Vincent Toma.
Front row, Vincenzo Fressola age 11, Carmela Planzo Fressola, Millie Mango Ferrara (age 6) Maria Fressola Mango, with baby James Mango; Julie Mango Maffei, Filomena Fressola Spina, with baby Jenny Spina; Vincenza Fressola Toma, age 17. Photo taken September 1909.

Customs and People of Atena Lucana

For more information about Atena Lucana, go to this Italian Web site

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