Donald Boothby; aka D'lanod
So I must now introduce you to Donald; my better half. He loves music, Daffy Duck, kids and bicycling. He also has a blog now. The photo below is one he took in Guam over Christmas several years ago.

This is one of Donald's favorite places
Here are Harbetta and the Argyles, a fun band that we played in. On the far left is Mimi, and Donald is on the right in the Hawaiian shirt.

His sense of humor; is, well, listen to what Daffy has to say about that!

As a boy, Donald spent many long hours listening to a radio in his room, and he has a good radio link for you here.

Donald came by his love for stock car racing naturally since his father both drove hard tops on dirt track in California and worked as a mechanic for NASCAR drivers Don Porter and Jack McCoy. He keeps track of the weekly stats throughout the summer by going to NASCAR's website. From there, he is able to bore his wife with all of the latest information.

Donald entered the United States Marine Corps right out of Waldport High School (Oregon) in 1969. He has fond and not so fond memories of his time there.

He discovered fiddle music after he got out of the Marine Corps, and he's always loved Classical Music.

Donald has discovered the joys of long distance bicycling, and has completed some very long and arduous rides. He is most proud of completing the RAMROD (Ride around Mount Rainier) and some other rides he calls Fleches. He loves cool bicycles, and some day would like to pay as much for a bicycle as many people might pay for a car.

Donald is first and foremost, a great father and husband!
Here he is with his 52nd birthday surprise:

He is currently employed as an insurance adjuster at Maxson Young Associates, Inc. in Bellevue, WA.

We have a strong interest in Genealogy in our family. Here's a photograph of Donald's Grandfather, Tom Boothby, click on it to see a bigger one.
You're interested in Genealogy too? Go to the Boothby Genealogy Page!
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