The ten children of Carmine and Maria Valentine
They are celebrating the induction of the youngest, Sam Valentine,
Captain of the 1955-56 Penn State University Football Team, as a
Look 1956 All American.
Baptismal names and birth order are in parentheses:
  • Front Row: Sam Valentine (Salvatore, #10); Jennie Valentine Petraitis (Gianinna, #3); Antoinette Valentine (Antoinette, #9); Patrick Valentine (Pasquale, #2).
  • Second Row: Viola Valentine Kokoska (Viola, #6); Frances Valentine (Francesca, #1)
  • Third Row: Sara Valentine Stover (Serafina, #4); Gemma Valentine Castiglione (Vincenza, #5)
  • Fourth Row: Joseph Valentine (Giuseppe, # 8); Louis Valentine (Luigi, #7)

    (the two kids in the back are Carmen Castiglione, on the left, and Anthony Petraitis, in the striped sport coat)
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