What do you do for fun on a beautiful late September day in Puget Sound?
Take a hike! Well, that's just what we did!

Donald suggested we take a
day off and try the 4 mile
hike to Surprise Lake.
He cheerfully led the way.

Surprise Lake!  We made it!

Well, of course the first
thing Donald did when we
got there was fish!

I had other ideas! I wanted to find a good sunbeam.
I also wanted to explore the lake front

Finally, I found a nice warm
flat rock..ahhh

Here's a photo of my Danner Hiking Boots, which have lasted me 21
years and were more than adequate
for this hike; which included
a 2300 foot altitude gain and 9 miles of very rough
terrain. Thanks Danner!

Sparkplug Mountain, Surprise Lake; Cascade Wilderness Area
We were there!

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