Births in 1813 in Sersale, Catanzaro, Italia in order of date.

For more information, Contact me, include index # year, and name in your request! Warning: I have done my best, but several entries were too difficult for me to decipher. All listings are represented here, but I cannot guarantee spelling. During this year, the official who kept the records noted the age of the father, but not the mother. Also this official had his own way of spelling some names. I left them as he wrote them.

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Indexbaby surnameBaby given namefatheragemotherher ageDOB
1Rocca CeciliaFrancesco23 Giovanna Scarpino223 Jan 1813
2Mazza Caterina Maria CarolinaAndrea28 Vittoria Mazza203 Jan 1813
3Talarico Angela CaterinaSimone45 Maria Falcone207 Jan 1813
4Talarico Francesco FilippoDomenico20 Marianna Talarico207 Jan 1813
5Talarico Michele FrancescoTomaso40 Cecilia Lia309 Jan 1813
7Colosimo Maurizio Ferdinando Luigid Serafino24 Olimpia Scarpini 2211 Jan 1813
8Schipani CarminaNicola30 Angela Lepera2412 Jan 1813
9Spadafora Giovanni GiuseppeSerafino 30 Maria Lepera2521 Jan 1813
10Falbo Angelo PaoloIgnazio33 Carmina Borelli3025 Jan 1813
11Falbo Angelo PaoloSalvatore28 Costanza Mazza2626 Jan 1813
12Falbo Antonio SantoAndrea60 Angela Falbo4030 Jan 1813
13Bianco Carmine GenaroMatteo46 Antonia Gigliotti3631 Jan 1813
14Talarico Caterina AngelaGiovanni30 Anna Iannone232 Feb 1813
15Muraca Domenica MichelinaGiovanni36 Angela Mazza308 Feb 1813
16Schipani MicheleSilvestro30 Maria Scalise2516 Feb 1813
17Gabriele Carmina GiovannaPasquale35 Anna Servino2917 Feb 1813
18Casolini AnnaFerdinando33 Antonia Pullano2619 Feb 1813
19Gentile MariaRaffaele48 Rosaria Gigliotti3621 Feb 1813
20Servino AntoniaVincenzo40 Maria Cosco3722 Feb 1813
21Lupia Francesco DomenicoVitaliano21 Maria Scarpino2527 Feb 1813
22Scarpino AntoniaPasquale24 Angela Spadafora3010 Mar 1813
23Borelli Angela Maria AntoniaLuiggi40 Maria Mazza2813 Mar 1813
24Gabriele CarminaDomenico37 Serafina Rocca3114 Mar 1813
25MartinoGiovannipi 18 Mar 1813
26Parise Giuseppe MarianoMarco 36 Carolina Spadafora2820 mar 1813
27Mazza Cecilia Caterina MariaLorenzo20 Antonia Scalzi2222 mar 1813
28Aragona Santo Saverio Tomasofu Santo Caterina Piteri4028 Mar 1813
29Valentino Giuseppe PietroPascale40 Cecilia Torchia3531 Mar 1813
30Spadafora Cassandra SaveriaNicola30 Maria Scalise3011 Apr 1813
31Rocca Antonia CostantinaFrancesco 42 Cecilia Guzzetti3611 Apr 1813
32Mazza Antonio SantoDomenico 31 Teresa Perri2912 Apr 1813
33Mazza SimoneAndrea30 Rosaria Borelli2612 Apr 1813
34Cristiano AntoniaAntonio43 Francesca25 Apr 1813
35Mercuri AloisiaPasquale60 Mariantonia Pascucci13 May 1813
36Greco Carmina AntoniaGiuseppe24 Antonia Lovelli17 may 1813
37Falbo ElisabettaGiuseppe37 Cecilia Perri27 May 1813
38Procopio Carmela MariaAntonio37 Rosa Mazza31 May 1813
39Falbo Francesca SerafinaAntonio23 Giovanna di Fazio27 Jun 1813
40Cerminaro AntonioFrancesco37 Marianna Perlingo4 Jul 1813
41Borelli Saverio CarmineTomaso36 Carmela Talarico8 Jul 1813
42Talarico Giovanni GiacomoGiuseppe32 Elianora Casolini15 Jul 1813
43Borelli Domenico FrancescoAndrea37 Giovanna Scalise5 Aug 1813
44Talarico Domenico LeonardoFrancesco38 Elisabetta Talarico5 Aug 1813
45Lucia Luigiesposito11 Aug 1813
46Gigliotti Lorenzo BrunoFortunato38 Francesca Falbo11 Aug 1813
47Nucera Cecilia AngelaFortunato37 Anna Scalzo13 Aug 1813
48Talarico Cecilia MariaSimone22 Angela Scalise13 Aug 1813
49Colosimo Angela AntoniaFilippo36 Serafina Procopio20 Aug 1813
50di Fazio FrancescaLorenzo56 Lucia Lia 23 Aug 1813
51Mazzei RosaGiuseppe37 Maria Talarico24 Aug 1813
52Mazza Costanza CeciliaBruno36 Maria Mazzei26 Aug 1813
53Talarico CarmelaGiacomo33 Francesca Scarpino30 Aug 1813
54Rocca Teresa CassandraFrancesco32 Vincenza Lepera3 September 1813
55Scarpinj Pasquale Carmine MariaMarco45 Vittoria Messina?16 sep 1813
56Lepera Carmelafu Carmine Maria Talarico22 Sep 1813
57Perri Tomaso GiuseppeSerafino18 Cecilia Onofrio23 sep 1813
58Talarico Serafina RosariaFrancesco26 AnnaMaria Arcuri3 Oct 1813
59Valentino Candia AnnaMatteo37 Maria Mangrida9 oct 1813
60Capellupo GiacintoFrancesco 31 Rosa Scalzi9 Oct 1813
61Perri GiuseppeAntonio33 Teresa Schipani12 Oct 1813
62Lia FeliceIgnazio50 Serafina Lupia22 Oct 1813
63Mancuso Francesca CostanzaPaolino38 Serafina Scarpino31 Oct 1813
64Lia Francesco AntonioCarmine40 Nunciata Rizetta5 Nov 1813
65Borelli Angela CostanzaRafaele24 Maria Mancuso275 Nov 1813
66Grillo GiovanniTomaso34 Maria Scalise9 Nov 1813
67Borelli FortunatoMichele23 Teresa Beratta2410 Nov 1813
68Scarpino CarminaLorenzo50 Francesca Falbo10 Nov 1813
69Gigliotti Pietrofu Pietro Serafina Lupia10 Nov 1813
70Falbo Carmine GiuseppeSalvadore32 Carmina Lia3010 Nov 1813
71Lia Serafina CostanzaPietro Santo33 Giacoma Rizetta2211 Nov 1813
72Borelli Giovanni FilippoGregorio36 Giovanna Mancuso3212 Nov 1813
73Perri girlSanto32 Giovanna di Fazio2717 Nov 1813
74Spadafora GiobattistaLorenzo44 Angela di Fazio3220 Nov 1813
75Scalise FrancescaAntonio36 Lucia Scalise2924 Nov 1813
76Falbo LucreziaFortunato32 Angela Falbo2725 Nov 1813
77Pagliaro Carmina CaterinaGiovanni32 Rosa Scalise2326 Nov 1813
78Bonaro GiuseppeCarmine32 Carmina Perri27 Nov 1813
79Macri Angela VittoriaFrancesco37 Maria Falbo28 Nov 1813
80Taverna boyCarmine20 Elisabetta Lia1828 Nov 1813
81Mazza Giuseppe AndreaMichele50 Paola Gigliotti2829 Nov 1813
82Gentile SerafinoAngelo46 Maria Colosimo401 Dec 1813
83Rizetta Giuseppe MariaFrancesco40 Rosa Muraca348 dec 1813
84Borelli girlPasquale30 Concetta d'Amico 249 Dec 1813
85di Fazio Lucia ConcettaFelice33 Cecilia Torchia199 Dec 1813
86Falbo GiovanniGiuseppe38 Elisabetta Talarico3916 Dec 1813
87Scarpino Maria RafaelaMarco40 Santa Falbo17 Dec 1813
88Mazzei FrancescaPaolino37 Cecilia Scalzi3526 Dec 1813

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