1868- 1871 Marriages in Sersale, Catanzaro, Italia in general order of date
( sorted by the groom's first name!).

Warning: I have done my best, but several entries were too difficult for me to decipher. All listings are represented here, but I cannot guarantee spelling. This list is just an index, and sometimes the names were actually abbreviated. More information can be found, for these years with only an index, I can possibly look up individuals. Contact me.
A "D" or "d" before the name means they were considered nobility, although it might just mean it's a doctor or landowner. "fu" means the person was dead at the time of the marriage. "PI" means Padre ignoto or father unknown.

Parents of groom
Parents of bridedate
1868 Marriages from 1965396 microfilm - these records transcribed by Frank Scalise No mothers were recorded in 1868, their names were taken from the Pubblicazione
1Gabriele, Antonio, 29Pasquale & Torchia, Teresa, 25fu Michele19 Jan 1868
2Mancuso, Michelangelo, 24Raffaele & Carmela RizzutoRizzetta, Carmela, 16Vincenzo20 Feb 1868
3Lia, Francesco, 27Natale & Maria FazioMazza, Anna, 17fu Antonio & Carmela Talarico23 Feb 1868
4Capellupo, Pasquale, 34Giuseppe & Lucia TalaricoLia, Teresa, 30Natale & Maria Fazio24 Feb 1868
5Paoletti, Antonio, 25Francesco & Angela MazzaGreco, Anna, 19Francesco & Antonia Bianco18 Mar 1868
6Talarico, Antonio, 30Pasquale & Vittoria TalaricoTalarico, Cecilia, 20fu Antonio & fu Cecilia Berlingo21 Mar 1868
7Torchia, Antonio, 27Santo & Angela MazzaBorello, Angela Francesca, 32Francesco & Francesca Antonia Capellupo6 Apr 1868
8Guzzetti, Bruno, 39Giuseppe & Spadafora, Teresa, 31Domenico & 3 Jun 1868
9Talarico, Francesco, 24Giovanni & Teresa CapellupoCapellupo, Francesca, 25Ignazio & Susanna Schipano4 Jun 1868
10Fazio, Raffaele, 24Antonio & Antonia TavernaBerlingo, Teresa, 20Antonio & Francesca Perri11 Jun 1868
11Onofrio, Marco, 23Marco & Angela Saveria GracciDamiano, Filomena, 21Francesco & Vincenza Torchia18 Jun 1868
12Talarico, Santo, 34Giovanni & Costanza MazzaScarpino, Carmela, 30fu Antonio & Costanza Bianco18 Jun 1868
13Gigliotti, Tomaso, 32Bruno & Maria TorchiaGigliotti, Maria, 23Antonio & Rosa Berlingo6 Jul 1868
14Scarpino, Tomaso, 54Pasquale & Angela SpadaforaAmato, Marita?, 28Rosario & Ippolita Poler?31 Jul 1868
15Gentile, Filippo, 28fu Vincenzo & Rosanna BiancoMazza, Carmela, 26Giuseppe & Rosaria Bianco31 Jul 1868
16Nardi, Salvatore, 29Fernando & Maria Antonia SollanoMazza, Carmela, 26Giuseppe & Rosaria Bianco16 Aug 1868
17Falbo, Giuseppe, 29Fortunato & Anna ScarpinoGigliotti, Francesca, 17fu Giacomo & Caterina Perri16 Aug 1868
18Mazza, Domenico, 23fu Lorenzo & Carmela TorchiaColosimo, Teresa, 16Bruno & Rosa Bianco31 Aug 1868
19Mancuso, Angelo, 35Giuseppe & Teresa LeperaLucia, Francesca (Teresa), 17Salvatore & Rosa Gigliotti28 Sep 1868
20Fazio, Francesco, 32Santo & Francesca PerriSpadafora, Antonia, 18Pasquale & Maria Taverna18 Oct 1868
21Procopio, Angelo, 46Antonio & Rosa MazzaDamiano, Cecilia, 33Santo & Antonia Scalise15 Oct 1868
22Fazio, Antonio, 23Carmine & Maria PagliaroBorello, Rosa, 18Antonio & Serafina Scarpino31 Nov 1868
23Bianco, Andrea, 34Domenico & Antonia GigliottiGigliotti, Anna, 31Francesco & Maria Scalise31 Dec 1868
1869 Marriages - these records transcribed by Frank Scalise
1Spadafora, Guiglielmo Capellupo, Carmela Filomena21 Jan 1869
2Talarico, Giuseppe Borello, Teresa6 Feb 1869
3Damiano, Pasquale Capellupo, Rosa11 Feb 1869
4Pagliaro, Francesco Borello, Teresa7 Mar 1869
5Rocca, Carmine Talarico, Maria7 Mar 1869
6Guzzetti, Francesco Fortese, Maria Filomena 1869
7Perri, Carmine Fazio, Maria Carmela10 May 1869
8Torchia, Tomaso Guzzetti, Angela12 May 1869
9Migale, Vincenzo Lucia, Giovanna12 may 1869
10Capellupo, Gabriele Marinaro, Francesca2 Jun 1869
11Gigliotti, Pasquale Gabriele, Serafina29 Jun 1869
12Giglotti, Giuseppe Bianco, Domenica4 Jul 1869
13Bianco, Giuseppe Schipani, Carmela8 Aug 1869
14Bianco, Giuseppe Salvatore Lia, Annunziata22 Aug 1869
15Pisano, Luigi Talarico Caterina21 Aug 1869
16Perri, Tomaso Scalzi, Angela30 Aug 1869
17? Costanza Bianco30 Aug 1869
18Cristiano, Santo Perri, Rosa20 Sep 1869
19Talarico, Antonio Borello, Rosa3 Oct 1869
20Torchia, Carmine Greco Francesca4 oct 1869
21Perri, Giovanni Scalise, Lucia18 Nov 1869
22Mancuso, Pasquale Talarico, Lucia18 Nov 1869
23Borello, Antonio Guzzetti, Angela18 Nov 1869
24Taverna, Carmine Mancuso, Teresa19 Nov 1869
25Grillo, Giovanni Scarpino, Serafina19 Nov 1869
26Capellupo?, Saverio Ucelli, Francesca16 Dec 1869
1870 - these records transcribed by Frank Scalise
1 Grillo, Giovanni Natale Scarpino, Cecilia 1870
2Torchia, Antonio, 25 Talarico, Maria, 2214 Jan 1870
3F, Salvatore Muraca Caterina Giovanna 1870
4Lia, Luigi Fazio, Maria 1870
5Migale, PierSanto Falbo, Angela 1870
6Scarpino, Giuseppe Spadafora, Concetta Carmela 1870
7Taverna, Paolo Falbo, Rosa 1870
8Bianco, Angelo Capellupo, Serafina 1870
9Mazzei, Antonio Torchia, Annunciata 1870
10Scalise, Antonio Falbo, Francesca 1870
11Lia, Giuseppe Carmine Sciumbata, Lucrezia 1870
12Paoletti, Andrea Carrozza, Giovanna 1870
13Taverna, Saverio Lia, Lucia 1870
14Esposito, Urbano Torchia, Maria Carolina 1870
15Torchia, Francesco Antonio, 29 Lucia, Francesca Anna12 sep 1870
16Scalise, Antonio Rosario Falbo, Maria Antonia 1870
17Biamonte, Gaetano Gentile, Maria 1870
18Onofrio, Mario Borelli, Maria Teresa 1870
19Lepera, Pasquale Antonio Fazio, Maria Teresa 1870
20Talarico, Antonio Lia, Maria Teresa 1870
21Taverna, Francesco Santo Talarico, Carmela 1870
22Mancuso, Andrea Natale Fabiano, Maria Teresa 1870
23Talarico, Carmine Antonio Valentino, Anna 1870
1871 Marriages from 1965396 microfilm - these records transcribed by Frank Scalise
Parents of groom
Parents of bridedate
1Capellupo, Carmine, 47Antonio & Serafina PerriLia, Serafina Caterina, 28Paolino & Maria Rosa Barratta6 Jan 1871
2Falbo, Pasquale, 27Francesco & Vittoria BorelloScalise, Anna Maria, 34Pietro & Filomena Talarico2 Feb 1871
3Falbo, Natale Francesco, 33Tommaso & Serafina RovitoMazza, Antonia, 27Pasquale & Caterina Torchia12 Mar 1871
4Rocca, Tommaso, 31Tommaso & Angela PerriSpadafora, Antonia, 36Francesco & Teresa Perri19 Mar 1871
5Funaro, Paolo, 32fu Antonio & fu Serafina Quaranta BattlieseFazio, Lucia, 25Domenico & Caterina Mancuso23 Mar 1871
6Talarico, Pietro Matteo? & ?Fazio? & ?10 Apr 1871
7Gigliotti, Tomaso, 43Felice & Rosa GrilloPerri, Caterina Antonia, 20Francesco & Mattea Scalise10 Aug 1871
8Torchia, Michele, 45Antonio & Teresa BorelloMazza, Carmina, 43Francesco & Teresa Lepera3 Apr 1871
9Vaci, Tommaso, 26Giuseppe & Caterina LeperadeFazio, FilomenaPasquale & Caterina Gigliotti13 Jul 1871
10Spadafora, AntonioGiuseppe & Rosa MazzaTalarico, Maria RosaPasquale & Francesca Antonia Talarico10 Sep 1871
11Falbo, Vincenzo Salvatore, 45Giuseppe & Cecilia PerriMazza, Serafina, 18Antonio & Rosa Perri10 Sep 1871
12Mazza, Carmine, 56Lorenzo & Antonia ScalziValentino, Maria, 17Giuseppe & Teresa Malatta10 Sep 1871
13Bianco, CarmineSalvatore & Angela PerriLia, Nicolina, 17Giuseppe & Andreana Piteri22 Oct 1871
14Taverna, Pietro Giuseppe, 35Emmanuele & Teresa TalaricoBerlingo, Mariangela, 16Giovanni & Margherita Borelli23 Nov 1871
15Mancuso, Benedetto Salvatore, 39Francesco & Anna MazzeiGuzzetti, Mariangela, 40Francesco & Antonia Talarico23 Nov 1871
16Mancuso, Fortunato Santo, 27Tomaso & Francesca ScaliseTaverna, Lucia Carmela, 18Francesco & ? Talarico27 Nov 1871
17Rizzetta, Natale Salvatore, 26Antonio & Anna MazzaGigliarono, Rosa Angela, 19Natale & Maria Amato11 Dec 1871
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