1809 Marriages in Sersale, Catanzaro, Italia in general order of date
( sorted by the groom's first name!).

Warning: I have done my best, but several entries were too difficult for me to decipher. All listings are represented here, but I cannot guarantee spelling. This list is just an index, and sometimes the names were actually abbreviated. More information can be found, for these years with only an index, I can possibly look up individuals. Contact me.
A "D" or "d" before the name means they were considered nobility, although it might just mean it's a doctor or landowner. "fu" means the person was dead at the time of the marriage. "PI" means Padre ignoto or father unknown.

Parents of groom
Parents of bride
1809 Marriages from 1965396 microfilm - these records transcribed by Frank Scalise
1 Mercuri, Salvatore, 25fu Carmine & Caterina TalaricoMaria Vocca, 18Giovanni & Giovanna Bianco14 Jan 1809
2Lia, Giuseppe, 30Michele Lia & Angela GalloMaria Vocca, 17Pietro Vocca & Lucia Gigliotti9 Feb 1809
3Bianco, Giuseppe, 18Sebastiano & Caterina ScaliseCostanza Biancofu Andrea Bianco & Elisabetta Falbo18 Feb 1809
4Bonaro, Carmine, 26Giuseppe & Caterina LiaCarmina Perri, 20Francesco Perri & Lucrezia Mercuri26 Feb 1809
5Torchia, Francesco, 22Vincenzo & AngelaTeresa Scalise, 2025 Mar 1809
6Capellupo, Giacinto, 50Pietro & naMaria Falbo, 22Silvestro Falbo & Cecilia Scarpino 17 Jun 1809
7Migale, Antonio, 26naFrancesca Barattana24 June 1809
8Scarpino, Carmine, 42Giuseppe & Francesca TorchiaCarmina LiaVito & Teresina Scalise13 July 1809
9Talarico, Serafino, 20Nicola & naCassandra Falbo, 18Domenico Falbo & Agata Gigliotti22/23 July 1809
10Mazza, Bruno, 27naMaria Mazzeina13 Aug 1809
11Perri, Carmine, 34Pasquale & Antonia ScarpinoCecilia GabrieleGiovanni & Rosa Spadafora24 Aug 1809
12Pagliaro, Giovanni, 26Santo & C di FazioRosa ScaliseGennaro & Anna Scarpino10 Sep 1809
13Borelli, Tomaso, 20naCarmina Talaricona14 Sep 1809
14Talarico, Paolo, 23Graziano & Costanza MancusoAngela Talarico? Talarico & Catarina Gabriele14 Sep 1809
the above two records could signify a double wedding
15Cristiano, Domenico, 28Giuseppe & Anna CaninoTeresa LeperaGiovanni & Serafina Lia19 Oct 1809
16Falbo, Antonio, 20Mario & Anastasia??Giovanna di Fazio, 16Paolino & Fatima? Lia21 Nov? 1809
17Bianco, Emmanuele, 23Giacomo & Cecilia TavernaR? MancusoPasquale & Caterina? Mazzei?28 Oct? 1809
18Bianco, AndreaGiuseppe & Costanza ?Rosana MazzaNicola & ? Mancuso14 Dec 1809
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