Here's Aggie (Sant'Agata di Puglia) and Enza, both former ferals.
Cats have been in my life
almost all of my life.
Now you'll get to meet them
via the internet.

Here are a couple of important cat links:

  • See how feral cats live in Rome, Italia
  • Here's some cats that need homes!

  • Provvidenza, or Enza was a wild kitten out of a
    litter of 4 that we found and captured behind our house.
    Her mother was spayed, and released because
    she's wild, her sisters are up for adoption, and her father
    is neutered too, a happy housecat.
    Baby Griz
    Grizz was our matriarch. She was born on Tom's 4th birthday, delivered by Donald, midwife extraordinaire. She was easy going from the beginning, and as a very young cat, showed very specific preferences, like, Dreyer's. She also died in early March of 2003, after 18 years of a good cat life. Donald was in attendance again, while Mimi was traipsing off in Sicily.
    Griz relaxing
    Here's a photo of Grizz doing what she does best, posing for photos.
    Here's Pussywillow. He joined our family in the spring of 1989, when I was in Italy. He was an incredibly adorable kitten, but as can be seen here, he's having a typical bad hair day. Pussywillow left us in the autumn of 2005.
    Barbie-Q and Toby
    Here's Barbie-Q, born in 1994. She has an attitude and a loud voice. She's sharing the sofa back with Toby, my fine stuffed cat.

    Since I already told you I've had cats all my life, I won't disappoint you, I'll let you meet some of my favorite cats.
    Figaro was a cat that my favorite grandfather helped me fish out of a woodpile. He started out in my life a snarling spitting little ball of fur; but became my only friend in a lonely time. He was also legendary in my life for having been lost and refound again.

    Snoogie was my first purebred cat. She was a white rumpy Manx. She was a one person cat, a good hunter, a good mother, and timid. Stripe was an escapee from a pharmaceutical animal research facility. He lived to be old in a rural setting with me in Idaho. These two were good buddies.
    Toby and Danny
    Then there was Toby. Toby was a classy cat. He never had much to say, but he won great prizes in a cat show and the admiration of all that met him. Early on in his life, he began a pronounced dislike of fiddle music, leaving the room whenever the fiddlecase was opened. Here he is with a young admirer, my son Josiah, as a three year old

    For a while I raised abyssinians, until they changed the standard for them from ' a large to medium sized cat' to 'small and fine boned'. Pepe liked to stalk large dogs.

    Then there was Bosco. Bosco was actually our last purebred. He and Tom were pretty good friends

    Then there was Spook. After Donald mentioned that he liked Calico cats, I got him one, for Halloween. Surprise, surprise. Spook was an ambassador of types. When we had guests, most of my cats hid. Spook would come out and take over the show. She was also famous for bringing home eggplants, tulips, muffins, and mice.
    Griz and the squash
    Grizz investigating a squash

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